Welcome to Plant a Garden

The world of garden­ing and garden plants

Welcome to Plant a Garden - the world of garden­ing and garden plants. We hope that you will find plenty in these pages to interest you, that you will find our site both a fascinating site to browse in a winter's evening and a valuable refer­ence work for years to come.

When we first created this site, we felt that there was a great need for an attractive gardening site for anyone without a real garden. But that to restrict ourselves to the growing of plants literally inside the home would meet only part of the need. There are plenty of people who would like also to grow plants in window boxes, or on a few square yards of bal­cony or flat roof, or perhaps on an area of concrete just outside the door - on a patio, terrace or basement area, perhaps.

And that is why this website deals with such places as well as the growing of indoor garden plants. We only stop short where the real garden - with its lawns and flower beds begins. So we genuinely feel that we have some­thing to offer you whoever you are - beginner or expert - and wherever you live - in a single room or a penthouse, in the most modest terraced house or in a spacious home standing in its own grounds. Discover more about where can I find the best log cabins at /www.ilikelogcabins.com .

Of course, dividing the plants into categories like this is bound to be a bit arbitrary in some cases, but it seemed to us to be of more practical use, and cross-references deal with plants that could logically be placed in two or more groupings. Finally, if you want to find out about a particular plant whose name you know, just use our website’s search.

This website is for the person who is just as inter­ested (or even more so) in the appearance and decorative effect of his garden plants as in the actual plant growing.The delights of fresh vegetables within arm's reach of the kitchen are as easily available to the gardenless city dweller as to those who have a vegetable patch handy. Salad vegetables - particularly lettuce, spring onions and radishes - can easily be raised in a box placed on a sunny window sill.

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